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Florida Clay Art Company was founded by Carol Murphy Tague in February of 1996. Appointed Central Florida Highwater Clay distributor In 1997, Duncan appointed in 2004, Mayco in 2014.


We offer a wide range of ceramic and pottery supplies and equipment including: Kemper tools, Amaco Glazes, Duncan Glazes, Ceramic Slip and molds, Duncan molds, Peter Puggers, Xiem Tools, Shimpo Equipment and Tools, Scott Creek Extruders, Hand Extruder Klay Guns,Kemper Tools, Mudd Tools, Handbuilding tools, Form a leaf, Aim Kilns, Cress Kilns, Ceramic Rubber Stamps, Cork, Frogs, 28/400 White Lotion Pumps, Kitchen Utensil Add ons, Brushes, Glaze Ingredients, Highwater Clay, Glaze Making Supplies, Sieves, Cookie Cutters, Rubber Stamps, Books, Videos, Tile Making Supplies, Bisque Tiles, Bisque Switch plates, Mason stain, Brent Slabrollers, Bailey Slabrollers, Brent Pottery Wheels, Creative Industry Pottery Wheels. Some of our closeout items include Calmar lotion pump D5S with 28/400 ribbed cap, white lotions pumps that are equivalent to the Calmar SD50 lotion pumps, kevlar sleeves and mini funnels. We have 2500 square feet of store and 2500 square feet of Studio. LATEST!!! We have acquired the assets of American Clay Products and J & J Mold company. We will be making White Eathenware slip soon! We hope to be the Ceramic Slip manuafacturer of Florida! Welcome to Florida Clay Art Company!

We are very appreciative of the input that our customers have given over the past ten years and we have tried to provide the customer service and product line that you have requested. We work hard to keep your trust! If you are looking for an alternative to shopping at Miami Clay Supply we are your answer. If you are looking for an alternative to shopping at Triple A Accents in Ceramics we are your answer as well.

We now carry the new "Steve's Tool" that has been advertised in Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated. More recently added are the MKM paddles and the Xiem rollers.

We have an on line sales flier that we send out to our registered customers. If you are interested in being put on this monthly sales flier list, please send us an e-mail and we will start sending you our monthly specials. orders@flclay.com